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Comparium Review: Cross-Browser Website Testing Tool



Automatic Website Testing

Comparium Review: Cross-Browser Website Testing Tool

here are so many websites around the internet and every website consists of many different webpages that must be engaging or convenient to the user so the user can stay on the page and never got irritated by the design and templates.

Many websites that have a great response from a user over the desktop screens will not necessarily make a great response on mobile phones too.

Many websites that are working well on the desktop sometimes never that good on mobile screens and vice-a-versa because of the compatibility issues of web page designs. And if you are a professional then the designing and testing are very important for you and your website.

A defective site with broken connections and hard to utilize UI could demonstrate to be a major issue for clients. An unarranged website will never build user response and the website will ultimately never confirms conversions from visitors.


Don’t make your site live until you have full quality assurance on your webpages, that is working properly on all devices and browsers. For an easy approach to the user, you need a good website and webpages which should be attractive and catching so that the users can easily access it.

As the client uses different web browsers and different OS, the Designers of websites must have to check the compatibility of their webpages on a different platform.

But testing your websites on different browsing platforms and different operating system is not easy and feasible to you, Comparium the automated web testing app will help you to easily test your website design on many browsing platforms and also on many operating systems by filling your website information on one click.

Comparium is one of such tools that generally help out the professionals to build an effective and practical web page design.

It is an outstanding tool to check your website on different browsers and different operating systems. Comparium has lots of happy customers who have been benefited by using this tool.

Features of Companion

Comparium has useful and attractive browser testing features here we will discuss those features.

Support for all operating Systems

Comparium is simply working with all common operating systems such as windows, Mac os, Linux.

Support for a different web browser with their different versions

Comparium supports different web browsers with different versions

All web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer are supported and you can also select with the different versions available of this browser.

Generate Offline description of website test results by email

No need to wait for Comparium will automatically send the offline reports of your search to your indicated email so that you can easily access these reports in the future.

Why Choose Comparium?

  • Its Free Tool to use for Now.
  • Easy and effective UI of the service.
  • Get access to all common operating systems and web browsers with their different versions.
  • Present and useful reports to make changes to design.

How Does It Operate?

It is an easily accessible tool with 3 simple steps process here you see the complete process to do an automated website Testing.

Step first: Open the Comparium website.

Step Second: Now, fill your website URL in the first field.

Step Third: Now, select the operating system on which you want to perform the test.

Selecting OS in Comparium

Step Fourth: Enter the web browser on which you want to check the results and click on the “Test” button to get the results.

Selecting Browser in Comparium Website Testing Tool

After completing the process the Comparium shows you the screenshots of reports generated by the system.


Comparium will also automatically transfers the screenshots of the reports to the intended email address for future access.

Conclusion: Comparium cross-testing tool is one of the most essential tools for all web designers to test their website pages so that the designers could produce effective results to the user.

Comparium will save your time and money and manual efforts by doing this for you.

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1 Comment

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