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Google Launches Coronavirus Website and Expands COVID-19 Search Experience



Google Launches Coronavirus Website and Expands COVID-19 Search Experience

According to a blog post published by Emily Moxley, Google’s product manager for search, search interest in COVID-19 has continued to climb around the world since the beginning of this year. Right now, coronavirus is the largest topic people are looking for globally in google search. As this public health crisis has evolved into a pandemic, information needs are continuing to change, differing from region to region.

In other to harness that attention in the best possible way, Google has launched a coronavirus information portal as well as an improved COVID-19 search experience. The search experience, Google says, was updated in response to “people’s information needs expanding,” while the new COVID-19 information portal also provides the basic, most useful information (for example around coronavirus symptoms, prevention, treatment, statistics), plus a lot of links and on-site options to explore further.

Expanding Google COVID-19 Search experience

The more comprehensive experience for COVID-19 in Search provides easy access to authoritative information from health authorities alongside new data and visualizations. This new format organizes the search results page to help people easily navigate information and resources, and it will also make it possible for Google to add more information over time as it becomes available.

In addition to links to helpful resources from national and local health authorities, people will also find a carousel of Twitter accounts from local civic organizations and health authorities to help connect them with the latest local guidance as it’s shared.

Google has also introduced a feature to surface some of the most common questions about the pandemic, with relevant snippets sourced from the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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To help people track the latest information about the spread of the disease, there are modules with statistics and a map showing COVID-19 prevalence in countries around the world.

A coronavirus website dedicated to helping and resources

In addition to launching new features on Google Search that provide easy access to more authoritative information, Google has worked with relevant agencies and authorities to roll out a website (US-only for now) — available at — focused on education, prevention, and local resources.

People can find state-based information, safety and prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19, and further resources for individuals, educators, and businesses.

coronavirus updates google portal

Google says, the site will be available in more languages and countries in the coming days and the website will be updated as more resources become available.

Along with other Google products and initiatives, I hope these resources will help people find answers to the questions they’re asking and get the help they need.

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